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35447 Rice churches ,
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Updated on: 27.05.2016
Member since: 24.10.2013

number of employees

Group Enders in Germany: 533 employees / inside

All foreign subsidiaries: 77 employees / inside

Group Total: 610 employees / inside

Range structure and range of services

Customers expect besides the broad support and services
a full range of production and trade area:

- Establishment and installation of shops, sausage kitchens and slaughterhouses
- All kinds of refrigeration equipment
- natural and artificial casings
- Production aids such as spices
- Machines and devices
- Packing material
- Merchandise such as canned food, frozen food, salads, dairy products and cheese
- Range supplements such as delicacies, sausage and meat specialties
- Work and safety clothing
- Repair workshop, grinding shop

The range consists of about 70.000 articles in the fields of FOOD, non-food and
Machinery. The frozen center has a capacity of about 2400 pallets, also the range of services includes the planning and equipment of store equipment, industrial kitchens and production facilities.

ENDERS is a leading member of DAGEMA eG in Willich and shareholder of Intergast GV-Service GmbH, Offenburg.
A separate department operated restaurants, hotels, caterers and the care sector with food and kitchen equipment.

number of vehicles

Total group of companies:
Sales vehicles, workshop service vehicles, delivery vehicles: about 270

Storage area at the site Reiskirchen

With a modern fully automatic Freshness Center the Reiskirchener company Enders relies on high-tech logistics and a milestone in the service to its customers. The heart of the new Freshness Center represents a robotic warehouse with 13.728 box plots. On a total area of ​​over 6.500 sq.m. all incoming cooled and non-cooled food can be stored.

Quality management at Enders GmbH & Co. KG
- Certification according to DIN ISO 22000
- Organic certification
- HACCP certification
- EU approval under DE HE 20004 EG

Thus Enders is in food safety to date.
All this provides the precondition to provide a massive over 7.000 articles FOOD-range of all nine Enders sites in Germany daily.

Milestones in History

From Borstenzurichterei a "global player"

- Company founded on 1838 by Johann Kaspar Enders
- In 2013 the group Enders celebrates 175 anniversary
- With the sons Tobias Enders + Frederic Enders is the 6. occurred Generation

- Headquarters Enders GmbH & Co. KG in 35447 Reiskirchen
- 8 more stores in Germany:

Enders GmbH & Co. KG in 30880 Laatzen - Gleidingen
Enders GmbH & Co. KG in 60386 Frankfurt / Main
Enders GmbH & Co. KG in 56070 Koblenz
Enders GmbH & Co. KG in 32839 Steinheim-Bergheim
Enders GmbH & Co. KG in 89079 Ulm / Donautal
Enders GmbH & Co. KG in 04827 Gerichshain / Leipzig
Enders & Sigeti GmbH in 99428 Isseroda / Erfurt
Brinkmann GmbH Beelen Beelen in 48361

The Hessian wholesale company grows beyond all limits, now
are 4 foreign subsidiaries in Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia actively.

- Commissioning of the new freshness center at the site Reiskirchen 2010
- All 3 years large trade exhibition in the Hessenhallen in Gießen
- Marketing concepts like counters TV and our web-to-print platform to
easily creating print advertising.

The future and the viability of the modern butcher stands or falls
with a willingness to knowledge:
Where to eat instead of meat and sausages to be understood as the business philosophy and
to realize.
The company Enders sees itself as a source of ideas for the modern, open-minded butcher,
understands, picks up and converts the trends of the time.

ENDERS - confidence through performance!

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