College of the butchers' guild Berlin

Beusselstr. 44
10553 Berlin ,
Phone: +49 30 396 40 81
Updated on: 10.09.2014
Member since: 30.09.2012

College of the butchers' guild Berlin

We offer

Seminars for continuing education and training in butchery, seminars aroung meat for interested lay people, sales and motivational training, competent information and advice on meat and food to the public, help and advice for butcher shops and businesses.

We conduct

Inter-company training for apprentices: In the framework of vocational training, all apprentices attend the Meat Trade College. The budding butcher / Seller -Innen and / -Innen participate in courses designed to improve vocational training. The Meat Trade College taught mainly in the field of professional practice and is thus a complement to vocational training in the operation and the vocational school.

Preparation courses for the master's certificate or sales manager Test: In part-time evening courses, we prepare meat / -Innen for the examination of the seller / -Innen prior to the sales manager exam. Participants are taught by experienced teachers in the theoretical and practical fields. The examinations take place during the course, so that the test pressure is reduced. When master butcher may run a business independently and train apprentices / -in one. As sales manager may perform a butcher who sells only meat and sausages and train apprentices in the sale / -in one.

Professional seminars for practitioners eg technology, innovation, hygiene:. For training of professionals, we conduct seminars, sometimes in collaboration with experts. We help you to be always up to date.

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