Our team of experts in the meat industry

Ivan Better*
Date of birth: 09.01.1981
Qualifications: Butcher, master butcher, state-certified meat technician
Focus: slaughter, production, sale, market analysis, internet

Position: Founder / Owner
Company: Fleischportal DACH GmbH
Place, country: Taunusstein, Germany
What I would like to achieve in the meat industry: "With the meat portal project, it is our goal to report on all topics relating to meat".

Juergen Huber*
Birthday: 06.11.1964
Qualifications: master butcher, business economist, state-certified meat technician, DLG examiner and much more.
Focus: All areas of the meat industry, company analyses, materials management and much more.
Position: Managing Director, approved KFW consultant, approved lecturer for further education and much more.
Company: Huber Consult eK; Huber Consult Analytics certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2008 since 2010
Place, Country: Olfen, Germany
What I would like to achieve in the meat industry: "The sustainable improvement of my customers' competitiveness through the sustainable optimization of business processes. Independent information - competent advice - profitable implementation."
Bianca Burmester*
Date of birth: 29.12.1966 
Qualifications: Industrial clerk, graduate economist 
Focus: job exchanges, media advice, application and career tips 
Current occupation: Founder 
Company: foodjobs GmbH 
Location, Country: Dusseldorf, Germany 
What I would like to achieve in the meat industry: "Basically, I would like to bring more movement and more transparency to the job market in the meat industry and give tips and suggestions on the subject of jobs and careers here in the butcher forum."
Gabriele Bechtel*
Date of birth: 03.05.1964
Qualifications: Hotel clerk, marketing specialist, trade fair and event manager, systematic coach iA
Focus: Marketing consulting, campaign planning, coaching of teams and individuals, seminars and much more.
Position: owner
Company: Bechtel Marketing Coach
City, Country: Mettlach, Germany

What I would like to achieve in the meat industry: "I would like to support the butcher trade in winning new customers, retaining customers and gaining their trust. So that it gets a positive image with consumers again."
Henry Rose*
Date of birth: 11.05.1962
Qualifications: Dipl.-Ing. (TU) mechanical engineering, focus on processing and packaging technology
Focus: Technology & machines for sausage, minced meat products, packaging technology and much more.
Position: Managing Director
Company: ROSE meat GmbH
City Country: Lichtenau/Westphalia, Germany

What I would like to achieve in the meat industry:
"I would like to contribute to hygienic and high-quality meat products being produced using the most modern processes and robust machines. Here I see myself as a consultant, development partner and supplier."
Alexander Stephen*
Date of birth: 16.10.1981
Qualifications: master butcher, certified food chemist, DLG tester
Focus: spices, additives and everything that is processed in sausage and meat products 
Position: Innovative product development, raw material management
Company: Van Hees Ltd
Place, Country: Walluf, Germany

What I would like to achieve in the meat industry: "In the next few years we will have to change our thinking, especially in the meat industry. We in the supplier industry have to help the existing companies, insist on blefleischportal.deiben."

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