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General Fleischer Zeitung (afz) and the meat industry as well as other Fleischer journals / newspapers Fleischer for international butchery trade.

Behr's Verlag

_ BEHR'S brings the practice to the point. The half-life of knowledge is getting shorter. To be always up to date is therefore a challenge that must provide all professionals and executives.

Meat industry

_ The meat industry forms the spectrum of topics from production to marketing, the process chain in the meat industry from.

afz-general butcher newspaper

_ The afz-general butcher newspaper is the weekly newspaper for crafts, slaughtering, cutting, processing and trade.


_ fleischwirtschaft.de is the online edition of the editorial afz-general butcher newspaper and meat industry.

Fritz Gempel

_ A healthy company needs good and motivated employees. Whether in sales, production, administration or in development. Literature and consulting company for the meat industry.