About the Portal

Milestones - Review and emergence

01.12.2011 - Establishment of Fleischportal.de. The portal covers all subjects (Yellow Pages, Jobs, classifieds, discussion forum) on the subject of meat.

01.12.2012 - One year after its establishment undergoes the meat Portal well received in the industry, is back-linked and supported financially by first sponsorship partners.

01.07.2013 - Cooperation with kimeta.de, The leading job search engine in Germany. In the Job market are (on a daily basis) over 3.000 industry-related jobs.

01.12.2013 - Acquisition of Fleischerforum.de / Metzgerforum.de - The largest community on the subject of meat. The Forum undergoes a merger with the community of Fleischportal.de, all topics will be discussed from now in Fleischerforum. The Fleischerforum has 2006 online and currently has, including the meat Portal members, about 3.000 registrtierte users.

01.03.2014 - Cooperation with meat-n-more.info. From now on the users receive the weekly community newsletter Fleischerforum.de. Thus, a total of about 4.000 get users a weekly newsletter email.

01.05.2014 - Fleischportal.de is now Fleischbranche.de, The platform has been completely revised and optimized for smartphone and tablet.

01.06.2014 - Expansion of the project on "Meat Industry DA-CH". The platforms Austria and Switzerland be launched.

01.07.2014 - The new App of the meat industry is there. Immediately all the contents of the platform are located in a single app. The meat industry app was for iOS and Android (Smartphone and tablet) developed.

30.12.2014 - Cooperation with foodjobs.de. The internationallen measuring the meat industry be contacted and added to the database.

01.01.2015 - Acquisition of www.meat-n-more.info.

11.09.2015 - Fleischportal.de is now the Meat Portal DACH GmbH.

09.12.2015 - New Strategic Partner: Aumago GmbH. Aumago supports us in the marketing of so-called target group campaigns. This enables us to reach interesting specialist target groups with banner advertising even when they are not on our website.

19.03.2016 - All contents of meat-n-more.info appear immediately below: news.fleischbranche.de

06.04.2016 - Also, the Fleischer Forum is now under the subdomain https://forum.fleischbranche.de out. Thus, all areas are treated under the umbrella of "meat industry".

01.06.2016 - ALL ACTIVITIES THE DECK AT A GLANCE! From the fields of: "News", "community", "Company", "Jobs", "classified" and "Latest Members" are shown the latest activity on the home immediately.

20.03.2017 - Large Community Update. Immediately events of the current year (fairs, Verantaltungen etc.) are presented. This brings us to the goal of "About all topics related to the theme of meat to report" a little closer.

26.05.2017 - The platform and apps are now encrypted - at: https://www.fleischbranche.de/ to achieve.

03.08.2018 - Revision of the overall layout design

28.04.2019 - From now on, customers have access to their advertising campaign and can change their own head banners, skyscrapers and flying banners at any time. There were various technical adjustments and app updates.

02.12.2019 - New, revised design of the entire platform and announcement of the online shop - "shop.fleischbranche.de", where our customers and users can soon stop selling products and own shops, also auctions are possible.

01.04.2020 - The new shop for the meat industry https://shop.fleischbranche.de/ is online, from now on all customers can run their own shops through us and sell their products directly to butchers and others.

01.11.2021 - Major relaunch of the entire platform, fleischbranche.de has a new look. Clearer, more modern and of course "responsive". As an advertising platform that represents an important industry, we are of course aware of the importance of the website. The platform will continue to be translated internationally, into over 50 languages ​​and listed on search engines. The newsletter and the apps have also been revised and brought up to date.


Where is the nearest butcher school in which I can make a master craftsman? Where can I make a training for meat technician (state-certified food chemist)? Where to get the meat industry or the butcher's trade the best business consulting her, and who puts everything nationwide ago poultry specialties or sausage casings?

Such issues moving the founders learned as a master butcher and meat technician (Ivan Better) originally in everyday practice to reasons where those who professionally deal with the issue of meat at any time with one another can contact a portal.

The Internet is in constant expansion and it is always time-consuming to obtain desired information. The search engine Search (eg Google) is not only dependent on the terms entered a document title, but also the so-called Page Rank. The order of the displayed search results is determined by their importance and popularity. The Rank the website is higher, provided that it is often linked.

By search engine frequently happen unwanted and sponsored results page.

For example, it is only possible for interested parties to find all meat technician schools in Germany if it takes a lot of time. fleischportal.de should make it possible to get in touch with like-minded people without having to search for a long time. User-friendly, the navigation bar enables you to get to your desired topic quickly. If you move the mouse over the navigation bar, a window opens with the relevant topics. If you click on a specific topic (e.g. craft shops), all registered shops will be displayed in the form of logos.

With just one "click" takes you to new customers and suppliers.

"Nice to MEAT you"!

is this motto www.fleischbranche.at and www.fleischbranche.ch soon also for the neighboring countries of Germany are available.

Germany is the European market leader in the meat processing industry and thus for the whole world a sought-after market. soon to On www.fleischbranche.com the neighboring countries have the opportunity to look for interesting suppliers, as well as to register your company and present. Especially in Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark and Belgium, the meat industry and agriculture is very widespread.