Renner Slaughterhouse GmbH

_ RENNER is the best resource for individual and flexible slaughterhouse technology - already in the 2. Generation. RENNER corresponds with its extensive facilities the quality requirements in terms of hygiene, animal welfare, ergonomics and operating and safety at work.

Maurer-Atmos Middleby GmbH

_ Maurer-Atmos Middleby GmbH is known for its high quality manufactured smoke and production equipment and as one of the leading providers in the field of thermal treatment of meat, fish and poultry products ...

Schröter Technology GmbH & Co. KG

_ Schröter is one of the leading international manufacturers of tailor-made thermal treatment systems for the food industry.

Fessmann GmbH and Co KG

_ FESSMANN stands since 90 years for cutting-edge high-tech equipment for food processing in the meat, sausage and fish processing industry.

KERRES conditioning systems GmbH

_ As a German company based in Backnang in Swabia, KERRES has been developing and producing high-tech systems for smoke, cooking and air conditioning systems since 1966, which guarantee sustainable success and safety for the operator ...

ROSE meat GmbH

_ Process for cutting, ultrafine grinding, roasting, boiling, mixing, combining. For the following areas, we offer complete solutions: product feed, dosage, product processing, emptying, promotion, Measure - Control - Control, extraordinary.
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