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Updated on: 16.12.2021
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It's still smoking - for over 90 years

Maurer-Atmos Middleby GmbH is known for its high quality manufactured smoke and production equipment and as one of the leading providers in the field of thermal treatment of meat, fish and poultry products. The traditional German company stands for efficient plant systems and advanced engineering solutions and is active worldwide with specialized representations and partners in over 90 countries. In addition to the high quality standards, special attention is also paid to the development of the so-called "CMP Continuous Maturing Process" technology. For this, Maurer-Atmos has perfected the climate process for drying, maturing and fermenting. With the CMP maturing process a production without rest breaks can be realized. The newly developed CPM process makes it possible to produce products with high yield and without dry edges.

The company Maurer-Atmos Middleby GmbH was founded at the beginning of the 20th century on the island of Reichenau (Lake Constance). Since July 2011 Maurer-Atmos has been part of the American group The Middleby Corporation in the "Processing & Packaging Technology Brands" division.

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