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From the fine way of smoking to the expert in food processing.

Drying, smoking, cooking, baking and cooling.

As a German company, based in Backnang in Swabia, KERRES has been developing and producing high-tech systems for smoke, cooking and air conditioning systems since 1966, which guarantee lasting success and safety for the operator.

Thanks to modular construction methods, versatile accessories and functional operating elements, we offer systems of the right dimensions and features for all requirements and sizes.

The KERRES product range extends from the CS 350 combination cabinet, the small kitchen wonder for the catering industry and the snack area with up to 50 kg capacity, to the large industrial plant with which it is possible to dry, smoke and cook in a batch up to 4 tons.

Whether for the craft trades or the middle class or for the industry: KERRES offers a variety of customer-friendly solutions when it comes to an economical and environmentally friendly heat treatment of food. The program of universal smoking and cooking systems is supplemented with a range of boilers from 250 to 1.000 liters of kettle contents, as well as the special cooking system, baking and roasting system and the intensive cooling system.

KERRES conditioning systems GmbH

Manfred-von-Ardenne-Allee 11 D-71522 Backnang

Telephone 07191-9129-0       Fax 07191-9129-70

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