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Workwear for butcher's shops.

We know about your needs and therefore use special criteria to the Workwear - whether counter area, production or cold. Our HACCP clothing meets the specific standards that are required by the Food Hygiene Directive EEC L 175 / 1 the EC. Hygiene guarantee thanks Rental Service - Bardusch offers you the complete textile service in an all-round carefree package. The rental service includes comprehensive advice, efficient needs analysis, holistic CI design, procurement of textiles and their financing, collection and delivery, washing and care. All of our laundries are certified according to RAL-GZ 992/3 and thus ensure the hygienically perfect preparation of work clothing in the food sector. All from a single source. Complementary offers Bardusch Besides the suitable work clothing and items of personal protective equipment. Of headgear over ear and foot, we all PPE items in stock. For hand protection we offer as Stechshutzhandschuhe stainless steel. The family business, founded in 1871, Group free supervised and supplied internationally around 90.000 customers in the textile full service. Bardusch offers workwear and protective clothing for virtually every industry including personal protective equipment, bed and table linen, laundry service with soap and towel dispensers, dust control mats. Also dominates Bardusch also highly sensitive disciplines, such as the laundry supplies for hospitals and nursing homes, the sterile surgical supplies to hospitals and the provision of sterile and decontaminated cleanroom clothing.

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