Heilemann Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

_ We are leading manufacturer of metal ring fabric and use it to make stab protection products for the meat, poultry and fish-processing industry.We repair all major western brands. For further questions call us back like. Your Euro Flex - Team

Wilhelm Eicker eK

_ TOP OF CUTLERY - Quality made in Solingen/Germany Professional knife manufactory

CREAMER Knives and Tools

_ Johannes Giesser Messer GmbH supplies boning knife, Paper cutters, special knife, sausage and ham knife, Try knives, knife hygiene boxes, stab protection products, sharpening steel, meat forks, knife sets and more.

Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG

_ The Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG, 1920 founded in Mühlacker, is a leader for over 45 years in the making and distribution of PSA for the meat cause wide industries and the Handwerk.Unter branded niroflex sells the company. Münch in over 60 country your Qualtitätsprodukte.

Schlachthausfreund GmbH

_ We have many years of experience in the manufacture and worldwide marketing of protective clothing and equipment for the meat, food and engineering industries. Article from own production ...

bardusch GmbH & Co. KG

_ Textile full service for any business of any industry workwear and protective clothing, PPE products, bed and table linen, laundry service, dust control mats, full laundry supplies for hospitals and nursing homes, as well as clean room clothing.

Franz Mensch GmbH

_ Hygiene and protective clothing directly from the manufacturer. Safe and affordable quality for over 40 years.
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