All suppliers and manufacturers of electricity gril or charcoal grill as well as fryers or roasters for the butcher or butchers. Cheap new or used buy here.

HOJA Maschinenbau-Metallbau GmbH

_ Since 1982, HOJA has been developing, manufacturing, delivering and assembling complete solutions for industrial frying systems in the best “Made in Germany” quality...

Cassel meat GmbH

_ Fleischereibedarf wholesale, catering equipment, food retail facilities, cheese departments, fish departments, we set up a direct marketer, a, all just for the meat cutting and sausage making, EU directives counseling, we have everything. For the slaughter house and for the hunter

Fritz Raulwing GmbH & Co. KG

_ We are an efficient retailer for consumer goods in food processing companies such as butcher shops, restaurants and caterers. Our range includes over 2500 items of all kinds - from cleaning agents to large machines.

Rudolf Fehrmann GmbH & Co. KG

_ The name Fehr man stands since 75 years of expertise and partnership in meat processing. We are a third generation guided in the wholesale distribution of butcher, catering, bulk consumers, party service and bakery.
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