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Updated on: 20.11.2020
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GLASS - Made in Germany

The company GLASS has developed through constant development by the manufacturer of craft machines to special machines that amplifies in the industrial machinery production and in the planning of new equipment operates today. Even after the change of generations, the traditional values ​​of durability and solidity with the latest techniques, the benchmark in hygiene and ISO 9001 controlled production processes will be further expanded as the foundation of our company policy.

Machine program:

Agitators for the delicatessen industry, chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as:
slow-running mixing units for extremely gentle mixing tasks.

High-speed emulsification, Allround mixer for mixing bulk materials, Container mixing plants; fully automatically, Combination machines from the gentle mixer and an emulsifier, Laboratory mixing plants, Industry-WOK, Meat processing machinery: Machinery for the production of cooked ham, Machinery for pulp production in the industrial sector.

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