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Trust in VAKONA vacuum mixing and massaging machines. These have been used for 40 years to add, mix and massage all kinds of food. The machines are used in many areas and companies to process the following products: meat and sausage products, poultry, kebab, fish, delicatessen, convenience food, salads, muesli, dairy products and other foods of all kinds that are mixed, mixed or need to be massaged. It is also possible to mix all products under vacuum and with cooling. For these different products, different mixing and massage arms are used depending on the product or customer request. These machines are manufactured in sizes from 20 to 1500 liters, with or without cooling, depending on the machine type. Machines from the 300 liter design can also be fed automatically if required. VAKONA vacuum mixing and massaging machines can be used in a variety of ways in the entire food industry. Further advantages are a high uniformity of the protein activation, the avoidance of material abrasion in the product cut, the increased tenderness, a longer shelf life of the products and a more stable structure in the end product, the shortening of the massage time while minimizing the defective products and the enormous energy savings due to the high efficiency of the cooling system .

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