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33165 Lichtenau ,
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Contact Person: Dipl.-Ing. Henry Rose
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Updated on: 02.05.2014
Member since: 26.11.2012

Our company has to deliver the objective of complete plants and equipment for the meat industry and the butcher's craft, especially for grinding, cutting, mixing, boiling, frying and vacuum packaging of meat products. We pay special attention to the optimum integration of the machines in the production process of our customers, the efficient linkage between the machines and the control of the entire system.

For the following areas, we offer ready-made solutions:

  • cooked sausages
  • Cooked sausage manufacture,
  • defined cutting meat products into cubes, strips, chips and
  • Production of pet food,
  • Automated production of meat dishes (cooking, roasting, mixing)
    • batch systems
    • continuous system such as steam tunnels, Brattunnel, Kontikocher
  • Special applications in the meat sector
    • Measurement (freshness, meat type, pH, L-value, etc.)

Unless our partners provide the required technology, we develop and build individual solutions for you.   

"Continuous improvement" is our program:. Production processes are to run continuously, dhmöglichst little batch processes where where continuous production is not possible, the machine should be so linked that manual work between the individual production steps is avoided and off is automated.

We are working to improve our daily actions, our product and Leistungsprogramnm continuously to always and forever be able to provide even more performance for our customers. We wish to cooperate with our customers continuously over a long period of time and are of us do anything to make this better and better ...

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