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JBT Schröder - Injection and marinating technology

As a medium-sized company, SCHRÖDER Maschinenbau has been based in Werther in East Westphalia for over 50 years. Since 2018, the company has been part of the FoodTech division of JBT Corporation, a leading global provider of technical solutions for demanding production areas in the food and aviation industries.

Under the management of Gunnar Hepp, SCHRÖDER currently develops and produces systems for the injection and marinating process for customers all over the world with over 100 employees. Schröder thus provides know-how and high-tech solutions that are fully automated and intelligently networked as production lines for meat, poultry and fish processing and are recognized worldwide.

Intelligent production processes for higher product quality.
There is more to meat curing than just adding brine. Typical meat products for the process are whole muscles, boned meat and cuts of meat with and without skin, as well as boneless meat.

The BRIMAX brine mixer enable the production of standardized brine under the highest hygiene requirements for all injection, massaging and marinating applications. The unique software controls the process, guides the operator and documents the entire production process. Weight controls during batching as well as uniform cooling and mixing times are just some of the contributions that the BRIMAX system provides for reproducible brine quality.

The even distribution of the brine in the meat guarantee IMAX injectors, because traditional meat pickling is rarely sufficient for industrial requirements. The injectors of the IMAX series guarantee precise injection quantities through special hollow needles, even brine distribution and a continuous production process in connection with hygienic design.

The final processing with MAX massage systems ensures intensive protein activation, increased water retention and tenderness of the end product.

In the future, SCHRÖDER will continue to make an important contribution to ensuring that the food industry, and especially the meat industry, can safely and reliably supply its customers with high-quality products.


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