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holac for over 40 years providing solutions which perfect the machine cutting of meat and meat products, cheese, fish and vegetables. The various products can be processed fresh or frozen. Holac brand are characterized by high precision and reliability as well as excellent quality. The experience and creativity in the development plan holac a leading position on the world market. The company's strategy is in firm focus of food cutting technology.

holac develops and produces exclusively at the Heidenheim location. The company values ​​are also essential success factors of the holac machines: robustness, longevity, individuality, effectiveness, stable value and technological leadership can be found in every holac machine. In day-to-day operations, this means taking up future technologies and new, industry-related markets in order to strengthen and expand the company in its role: also to be able to compete with the best in the industry at all times and to always offer its customers first-class services.

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