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Updated on: 27.01.2023
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Efficient cutting solutions for trade and industry

For almost 70 years TREIF one of the world leaders in the field of food cutting technology. developed worldwide with approximately 420 employees and TREIF produced efficient, customer-oriented solutions for cutting craft, supermarkets and industry. TREIF cutting machines are, for example, for bone and containing boneless, fresh, cooked or frozen meat (beef, pork, poultry), sausage, salami, ham, cheese, bread and bakery products used. Whether it grate to the cutting of stew cubes, frozen meat blocks, the weight exact portioning of chips or chops, cheese, or the precise cutting and dropping Sausages (eg SB-meats) goes - TREIF dominated each best suitable cutting techniques. The spectrum ranges from bacon, Kotelett- and food slicers slicers as well as for small-scale and medium-sized businesses across bread slicing machines to fully automated systems with use of robotic technology. In addition to excellent cutting results include performance, cost, production safety, a user-friendly, labor-saving handling and compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements of the key criteria in the development and manufacture of machines. Their production is carried out to 100% in Germany. It can also be resorted to an abundance of mature and reliable running services. With an international sales and service network TREIF is represented in over 150 countries.
In 2016 TREIF was included in the list of "Hidden Champions". That same year, the new Customer Center of the company was opened.

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