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Developed by Baader in Lübeck technology of the clean separation of tendons and cartilage of pre-cut meat "Baadering", continues to set new standards in product quality and performance. The use of these machines leads to noticeable Improvement of product quality on continuously the same high level and accurately repeatable production parameters, The continuous development Baader machines are always on the cutting edge of technology and assure you that the necessary competitive advantage, The BAADER Entsehnungsmaschinen are available in 5 different power ranges with a variety of options, such as side delivery belt, Topmulde, side dump, hopper, metering, lifting and tipping apparatus, connection to a wolf, etc.

Not only the grain, smear-free quality of the produced crave meat free sausage meat, but especially the high time savings compared to the high-quality, artisanal product separation and standardization are highlighted.

Raw material:
By "Baadering" gentle commodity treatment and the preservation of protein structure is ensured. This feature is crucial for a better meat color, higher swelling ability of the sausage meat and a significantly improved visual appearance of the final product, ie Your sausage will produce a crisp "bite" when heated.

"Baadering" in raw sausage guaranteed optically crave free quality products.

End product:
Renowned, award-winning butchers confirm significant quality improvements and increased sales through the application of the Baader-technology. With the use of Baader machines you secure a significant competitive advantage. Their product quality is reproducible and allows you to exploit new resources.

Qualified professionals are labor-intensive and difficult to find on the market. The use of a Baader-conditioning reduces your labor costs and brings in most cases, a payback within one year. The running costs are optimized based on years of market experience and sophisticated technology. The use of a Baader-conditioning brings continuous, predictable products which it to acquire you allow raw materials at competitive prices and to achieve an increased profit margin.

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