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CT clip art Germany offers customers from trade, SME and industrial packaging solutions in clip closure technology.

All clippers of ClipStar- and CDC series are among the most stringent quality and hygiene requirements in Germany produced.

Of the  Bag packing Clipper for poultry, semi-automatic double clipping machines for natural and artificial casings, up to fully automatic double-clip System

for the industry, we are also offer you the suitable for your production operation machine capable.

Table clipping machines the Clipstar Serie close quickly and safely all kinds of plastic bags, plastic and fibrous casings and casings for the production of fine meats and sausages. Caliber ranges from 13 - 200mm can be closed reliably and sealed by the use of different clip series.

Of course, on request with a suspension loop or a label for identification.

Our Double clippers the CDC series meet all requirements as table double clippers up to fully automatic machines for quality and reliability.

The materials used guarantee a consistently high value and have been developed under the strictest hygienic requirements.

The caliber range of 25-105 mm guarantees high flexibility. The Clip series CT 800 offer maximum safety with minimum size.

Naturnaturdärme be closed with a small clip. Nevertheless, this clip series offers high security in the caliber range up 105mm. This is unique!

Refrigeration Units in conjunction with our Intestinal clamping devices processed meat and meat pieces up to a caliber range of 160mm.

these products can be packed in plastic and fiber skins and in networks in combination with collagen film.

Whether fruit, Vegetables, Cheese or nonfood products such as gums or Expander explosives, In our range of clippers you will always find the right one.

Resealable clip closures can be with printing or embossing systems for the identification for example, secondary packaging (handle protection) processing and offered Fully automatic.

Visit our website at www.cliptechnik.de and inform yourself about the clip machine or packaging solution for your Production.

Many satisfied customers have been working very successfully with our clip systems. Let us convince you in a demonstration Subdivision in your company by the quality and reliability of our products.

The team of CT clip art Germany GmbH is always at your disposal.


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