Univer Product AG

Schossbachstr. 24
07552 Gera-Langenberg ,
Phone: 0178/3085000
Contact: Ralf amount
Updated on: 21.08.2013
Member since: 25.01.2013

We, Univer Product AG, are a Hungarian-based manufacturer of spices, dressings, sauces and a variety of other products. With our main products, the "Red Gold" - a seasoning made from freshly ground paprika and a delicious goulash spice cream, we have been the undisputed market leader in Hungary for many years and are increasingly relying on exports for further company expansion. For this purpose, we have opened a branch in Germany at the headquarters of our long-standing distributor D & P Feinkost GmbH. We mainly use Hungarian paprika, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and garlic as raw materials for our products, which we process in the traditional way without the addition of preservatives.

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