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 SUN PRODUCTS - More than just a gut!

The SPM * Sun Products Vertriebs GmbH, Karlsruhe is the exclusive partner and supplier of SUN PRODUCTS for the food industry, trade and craft in Germany. Since 1998 the company continuity, flexibility, reliability and innovation guaranteed. The SUN PRODUCTS be in Europe on its own, since 2012 FSSC / ISO 22000 certified permanent establishment made. In 3.000 m² production and assembly of unique Value Added casings are ideally located and safe production is guaranteed. The SUN PRODUCTS are certified in addition to the existing OK Kosher certification since 2013 including Swiss HCS Halal.

The SUN PRODUCTS in the overview:

SUN V DRY AGE BAGS: This new membrane bag for meat maturation were presented at the IFFA 2016 first time the broad audience. With the high-tech bag that allows the release of water to the outside, one can mature meat in a simple manner in a safe process and increase the value of the product at the same time. Appetizing appearance and natural tenderness are guaranteed.

SUN SPICE: The original spice transfer system for the meat industry and the manufacturers of cheese, vegetarian or vegan products. More than 100 mixtures are available in the standard program. Thanks to a new Termination Tool Technology SUN SPICE intestines are now available with coarse spices, such as pepper Black Geschroten, whole mustard seeds, etc. available.

SUN FLAVOR GOURMET: The use of the shirred Gewürzdärme increases the productivity of customers. As a high-barrier intestines or permeable casings available now are few options to choose that convince both in appearance and taste.

SUN COLOR CASThis high-barrier cases transferred edible color on the edge of the end product. Available in numerous colors and designs - including company logos. New in this product line, the SUN COLOR are flat films that can be applied to the Poly-clip TSA and TSCA.

SUN SMOKE CAS: High-barrier covers and flat films with liquid smoke Depot

SUN CARAMEL CAS: High-barrier covers and flat films with Caramel depot

These casings give the final products the ultimate in color and / or taste, and 2006 have already been awarded the European Food Tec Award in gold as a trend-setting function closures.

SUN NATURE TWISTER: The dried pig intestines boasts revolutionary 3D optics, it must not be stored refrigerated, a huge advantage for the user. Available as sections or as ruched goods in calibres 40, 58 and 80 mm.

SPM * Sun Products Vertriebs GmbH

Parkstr. 21

76131 Karlsruhe