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For almost 75 years represents VAN HEES manufactures high quality, quality additives, spices, spice mixtures, convenience foods and flavors for meat processing and refining, which are equally used and appreciated in crafts and industry.

Kurt van Hees recognizes the 40er years the benefits of food phosphates in meat processing. As a pioneer in this field, he founded the 1947 VAN HEES GmbH and developed many well-known and patented quality accessories. Innovative products and new technologies have since been the focus of VAN HEES.

The medium-sized family firm has more than 400 people and markets its products and solutions to national and international clients.

Today VAN HEES products in more than 80 countries are supplied worldwide and passed the expertise in advanced meat processing through training and seminars to customers from around the world. Customer focus, flexibility and reliability combined with innovative responsible action are the guidelines of VAN HEES - We know how.

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