Kiesling Fahrzeugbau GmbH Refrigerated Vehicles

_ Manufacturer of refrigeration units for the distribution of meat and meat products, and all temperature-sensitive goods. ATP / FRC and HACCP certified structures. Fits all chassis.

Schrutka-Peukert GmbH

_ Schrutka-Peukert is your specialist in the topic freshness and shop. Engineering and Architecture are the basis of our quality. We deliver complete, custom shop fittings.

KRESS refrigerated vehicles

_ We are one of the leading German manufacturers of refrigeration truck bodies for light trailers, van and truck sector.

MAJA Machine Factory Hermann Schill GmbH

_ For over 60 years develops, manufactures and markets MAJA icemaker and meat processing machinery.

Winter Vehicle Technology GmbH

_ Manufacturer of hygienic and personal vehicle conversions for the temperature-controlled transport. All WINTER expansion systems are specially developed, designed, produced and assembled.

Ehrenfels Isoliertüren GmbH

_ Insulating your butcher and / or meat industry. Refrigerator doors, operating room doors, swing doors, refrigerator doors, freezer doors, stainless steel doors, toilet doors.


_ Sales, service, advising Euro Angels coolers and refrigerated container systems.
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