Kiesling Fahrzeugbau GmbH Refrigerated Vehicles

_ Manufacturer of refrigeration units for the distribution of meat and meat products, and all temperature-sensitive goods. ATP / FRC and HACCP certified structures. Fits all chassis.

Schrutka-Peukert GmbH

_ Schrutka-Peukert is your specialist in the topic freshness and shop. Engineering and Architecture are the basis of our quality. We deliver complete, custom shop fittings.


_ We produce high quality and sustainable plant systems for thermal treatment of food products. Innovative products such as smoke houses, cooking and refrigeration equipment to thaw and climate maturity assets are part of our comprehensive product range.

KRESS refrigerated vehicles

_ We are one of the leading German manufacturers of refrigeration truck bodies for light trailers, van and truck sector.

MAJA Machine Factory Hermann Schill GmbH

_ For over 60 years develops, manufactures and markets MAJA icemaker and meat processing machinery.

Winter Vehicle Technology GmbH

_ Manufacturer of hygienic and personal vehicle conversions for the temperature-controlled transport. All WINTER expansion systems are specially developed, designed, produced and assembled.

Ehrenfels Isoliertüren GmbH

_ Insulating your butcher and / or meat industry. Refrigerator doors, operating room doors, swing doors, refrigerator doors, freezer doors, stainless steel doors, toilet doors.
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