Truffle Kontor GmbH

_ When truffles must be able to rely on quality and freshness. As a direct importer and processors we have around the world, as a certified supplier especially in the meat processing industry, made a name.

Fleischer shopping AG

_ The FAG offers a broad range of products also an extensive product and brand diversity. Constant control and an intensive exchange with our customers gives us the ability to respond immediately and adapt our product range to your wishes.

Cassel meat GmbH

_ Fleischereibedarf wholesale, catering equipment, food retail facilities, cheese departments, fish departments, we set up a direct marketer, a, all just for the meat cutting and sausage making, EU directives counseling, we have everything. For the slaughter house and for the hunter

Köhler BPS Purchasing Agency GmbH & Co. KG

_ The free Shopping Community for the butcher, catering and kitchen area! We take framework agreements with suppliers and negotiate prices, which at best come otherwise large companies benefit.

Barentz GMBH

_ Consumer product groups; Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Confectionery, Dairy, Flavours, Health.

Acontex GmbH

_ The acontex GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Tönnies Group. We are responsible for the processing of the classical offal in the first place. In addition, refine and also dry products of plant origin.
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