Köhler BPS Purchasing Agency GmbH & Co. KG

Diepenauer Str. 31
32339 Espelkamp ,
Phone: 05743 93 27 647
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Website: http://www.bps-agentur.de
Updated on: 08.08.2013
Member since: 10.10.2012

The free Shopping Community for the butcher, catering and kitchen area!

For gastronomy oriented units to provide the benefits of a large purchasing volume - that is our job. As shopping and price specialists, we bundle the purchasing volume of BPS members. We take framework agreements with suppliers and negotiate prices, which at best come otherwise large companies benefit. And the businesses processing not only for individual products, but practically for all conceivable goods for hotel, catering, GM and the food.

The prices are regularly negotiated by us with the suppliers, so that each member can have a sustainable shopping at the best possible terms.

We keep our members constantly up to date of all important market information. Regular fax and email services, newsletters and the members login in which all relevant information is available at all times, ensure excellent quality of information.
All supplier agreements and purchase conditions are available online - around the clock.