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The acontex GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Tönnies Group. We have direct and thus sustainable access to all valuable by-products arising during the slaughter process in our group associated slaughterhouses.

To refine and dry various products of animal as well as plant origin. We are also refine by our highly modern drying kilns able diverse products, in which the drying by means of classical technologies (Sprühturmtrockung) proves to be difficult.

Our products are used in various fields such as for the food and the feed industry, the Pet food industry or aquaculture their application and fulfill various functions there.

hemoglobin powder Is used primarily as a source of protein in the aquaculture sector but also as a feedstuff, due to its enormous protein content. It is also used, for example, as a colorant for pet food.

plasma powder Can, on the one hand, be used as protein source by the high protein content. However, the high proportion of immunoglobulins which are contained in the product and can be shown to contribute to the improvement or improvement of the immune system is more interesting in plasma plasma. It is also used in the pet food sector due to its gel-forming properties.
liver powder however, has tremendous acceptance promoting properties by the intense flavor and odor and is for precisely this reason hochinterssant for the area Pet food, in which it also finds its application. In addition, the liver powder also has a relatively moderately high protein content.

Hefezellwandpulver is rich in ß 1,3 / 1,6 glucans and mannans. There is hereby established in the areas of food, feed, Pet food and aquaculture, where it has to improve the Gesudheitsstatuts nachwesilich the function.
ß-glucans stimulate the Antikörperblidung and also highlight free radicals in the body. Mannans stimulate the intestinal flora and thus stabilize the intestinal tract. Through our very gentle, special drying process, the product has higher than average salaries and is produced in a particularly fine grain, by which an optimal absorption is ensured in the organism.

We are your partner for special requirements and gladly contact you in connection to develop a joint solution for your concern.
If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your contact.

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