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We distribute high quality laboratory equipment for microbiology and cell research in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. This can also be used in quality assurance in product development, as. The following devices provide an added value for the meat industry are:

  • aW Meters

Water activity has a major impact on meat products. By monitoring and controlling the aw-value the durability and thus the product quality can be significantly improved.

  • Microaerophilic workstations

By examining the samples with our microaerophilic workstations you can access your meat products Campylobacter And similar organisms investigate and so in case of an infestation early response.

  • Kolonienzählgeräte

Automatic colony counting and measuring zones of inhibition within the shortest time - Our Kolonienzählgeräte offer tremendous time savings and you tell if the proportion of bacteria in the permissible range.

  • Spiralplater

With our new Spiralplater WASP Touch You no longer customize your serial dilutions in the colony count individually, resulting in savings of several petri dishes. The samples are thereby sucked directly from cups, bottles or tubes. This means enormous flexibility.


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