Software for the meat industry, meat trading and butcher. All suppliers of the German software industry for the meat industry at a glance. Software for Fleischer buy here.


_ New WEB appearance: GEBRA-IT delivers future-oriented, smart software solutions for the meat industry. You receive a tailor-made suit for your processes with the GEBRA suit.

Winweb Information Technology GmbH

_ For over 20 years, Winweb has been developing industry-specific ERP software for food and wholesale companies. Since the founding of 1997, the focus has been on the meat industry ...

CSB-System AG

_ The CSB-System AG is a leading software developer and provider of specialized IT solutions for the meat industry. Since 1977 advise, implement and manage successful projects every company size worldwide.


_ Since 15 years, KIRATIK, with a lot of passion, creative ideas and appropriate know-how, solves the small and big IT challenges of more than 300 customers and 1000 users ...


_ Highly flexible + modern: With the brixxbox, GEBRA-IT builds the smartest software for the food industry. Lower costs - quick implementation - high satisfaction. Try it now. With our flexible ERP building block system to your success! New website:

Huber Consult eK

_ Software tools on Excel base for: billing; Livestock-shopping; Recipe management and optimization; Caterers; Zerlegekalkulationen; Full cost surcharge calculations; Warehouse management, packaging design.

Brückner Systemhaus GmbH

_ For over 25 years we develop and merchandise management systems and ERP software solutions for accounting and order processing in the wholesale and import, especially for the food industry and the meat industry.
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