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software solutions


Target group:


Small to medium size


More efficiency, more rapid availability of business information, more control, more rational

To control and operate a business economically, resource - conserving and efficiently

Manage is no longer possible without corresponding software solutions.

We know which application best suits your job

And adapt them to your specific needs, if necessary.

For many companies, the meat industry, we also own solutions

developed, which have proven themselves in daily practice well.

HuberConsult offers software solutions for many areas of your company.

Here are some examples that we in establishments in the meat industry

Successfully introduced:

Quality Management System • HACCP • Zerlegekalkulationen for pricing of fresh meat

• Sausage calculations and Technology Text management • Recipe optimization

And recipe management including recipe resolution and raw material requirements determination

• Laboratory administration • General invoicing • Inventory management

• Catering service planning and material requirements planning • Packaging design

You get powerful tools to processes in your butcher operation

effective control. To make a mistake at developments

fast and targeted countermeasures.

By the way, all the aforementioned software solutions were developed on the basis of

Microsoft Excel and / or Microsoft Access creates. The programming

is performed by an experienced company computer. This is

ensures that the programs are built professionally.

Another advantage of our solutions is the modular design, ie yours

Application grows with your tasks. And if desired, takes over

Huber Consult the data input. You always get a solution,

adapted to 100% on your property. On request are individual solutions

for very special requirements possible.

And of course we work your employees and adjust the programs

Later in the event of changes in the general conditions.

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