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iFood - the program from A to Z

Those who wish to maintain permanently in your industry competition, this requires adequate tools - the purposeful organization and control of all levels of the company decides on your efficiency. Behind the name iFood plugged a web-based ERP system, which was designed using the latest programming tools tailored to the processes dente foods.

In close cooperation with our customers, we have developed a powerful modular tool for easy and straightforward map your current and future work processes at all levels of the company and optimize.

iFood Automotiv
Automation plays an increasingly important role in many fields of food production. Increasingly, machines and automatic control programs are provided. With iFood automotive to all measurement and control data can continuously record and archive. Regardless of the equipment providers, we create interfaces for machine communication. We link your plant technology to an information and control system for operation and maintenance.

• Siemens S7-300 connection
• active and passive sensors
• RFiD know-how
• Document process data

production management
In cooperation with your operating technology we develop and build solutions based on the latest automation technology. Through targeted control and coordination, your costs can be reduced on almost all levels. In a system of many plants and machines, we close the gaps. With the use of iFood accepts, coordinated and accounted agmadata the implementation of automation projects and tasks.

• reliable record and   
• targeted automation
• independent of provider
• Solutions for individual requirements

Following iFood - programs ausgepflegt on special applications are today available:

• iFood - ERP / WWS
• iFood - H u. M (craft and
• iFood - branch management
• iFood - to go for mobile use
• iFood - Automotive

Information we hold for you on request.

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