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INTEGRA - ERP software for your industry INTEGRA Food is a modern, powerful ERP software for the meat industry, delicatessen and convenience sector.

It was developed specifically for the requirements in production and distribution of processed meats.

1998 since the ERP food solution successfully used in commercial and manufacturing companies as well as in slaughtering and cutting.

Through the use of mobile scanners and cart you can make your business more flexible in the future. Also the software module "telephone sales" support your colleagues in the distribution of your products, even if it is not just about food products.

  • Create new distribution channels and Take advantage of a fully integrated ERP software. INTEGRA Food helps you to control your business on the basis of facts and figures in the right direction. The business processes in the meat industry are - like every other industry - its own rules.
  • Where in standard ERP software is counted, must be weighed in the meat sector. But not only weighing functions are a necessary support to the processes in the areas of goods receipt, production, storage, picking and shipping effectively and efficiently map today.
  • The topic empties handling plays a crucial role. Here INTEGRA Food diverse constellations offers to guide the empties at customer, supplier or forwarding plane.
  • In addition to a continuous batch management is also the area of ​​quality assurance is of great importance. Based on any quality characteristics the different departments can be automatically notified of new operations.


Meat Industry Software from industry experts ORGA-SOFT.

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