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Global enviroment SOFTWARE Expert in MEAT

The CSB-System AG is a leading software manufacturer and supplier of specialized IT solutions for the meat industry. Since 1977 advise, implement and manage successful projects every company size worldwide. We optimize our customers' processes and provide a competitive advantage.

CSB-System - The solution for your needs

  • The CSB-System combines the significant industry requirements of meat production and the production of meat and sausages. Besides the integration of farming and livestock management, optical classification solutions and technologies organizes and controls the ERP industry solution, all battle and fission processes.

  • The CSB-System realizes the systematic calculation of the goods operations and resources, optimized formulations, processing and coating processes, controls the extraction rate individual batch and makes a vital contribution to one hundred percent delivery accuracy.

  • Reliable ensures the ERP industry solution for high product quality and food safety. The consistent and quality data acquisition ensures seamless traceability and traceability directly in the process through all stages of the value chain. All requirements on labeling, marking and labeling in accordance with international standards are met.

For more information, visit our website www.csb.com

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