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Plan, design, manage and publish weekly cards 10 times faster + simple menu input, + digitally on the PC or smartphone, + 1 click to print, + 1 click to PDF, + 1 click to Facebook post, + always up-to-date on your website, automatically , + Immediately visible on, + in the Android / iOS apps "Menu"

In collaboration with butcher shops and restaurateurs, an online tool was developed that simplifies the planning, design, management and marketing of lunch offers. Since 2019, we have been successful as a company and with the Meal PlanApp in Dresden and Saxony and have recorded a steadily growing number of users of our Meal PlanApp. Customers benefit from greater reach; thanks to the mobile menu app, the menu is now always up to date at the customer's fingertips. The functions of the online tool support the restaurateur in planning. Save the menu once and it is immediately visible online and on your website. The weekly menu can be quickly printed or simply posted on Facebook. Annoying copying, typing and multiple maintenance of the menu on the website and tables is no longer necessary. Save yourself the time. Check the success using statistical functions and see on which days your menu was viewed. Customers search for lunch in your area. As a butcher shop you are hardly visible on Google. you will be found!

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