Software for the meat industry, meat trading and butcher. All suppliers of the German software industry for the meat industry at a glance. Software for Fleischer buy here.

Menu planApp

_ Free test! More sales, hot counter! We help you market your lunch offer easily and quickly - with one click in the app or on the website to reach new customers and retain guests. Save time and money, we are now marketing your lunch menu...

MODUS Consult GmbH

_ The business focus of MODUS Consult GmbH, founded in 1995 with its headquarters in Gütersloh, is the sales and industry-specific adaptation of the standard software Microsoft Dynamics, Qlik and ELO.

S&S Software and Service GmbH

_ S&S Software & Service GmbH is a medium-sized software company and offers commercial solutions for medium-sized companies, including butcher shops and meat processing companies.
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