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Reich Fördertechnik GmbH based in Großkarolinenfeld manufactures complex, individual conveyor systems for the meat and poultry industry.

At the center of our work are the customer and his special needs. In close cooperation with the customer, our specialists develop, plan and implement food-compliant plant systems. Our highly qualified team develops and implements together with the customer possible operations to reduce fixed costs and to make workplaces positive.

The product range of Reich
Reich offers the meat and bakery industry a comprehensive range of products that are - in many cases individually adapted to the needs of different users - used reliably and according to the latest hygiene standards.

1. Dirt container station
The individually designable and fully automatic waste container station enables fast and smooth unloading of incoming trucks. The empties are first picked up and then sent for cleaning.

2. Vertical conveyors, loading and unloading equipment
The automatic batch processing can also be extended flexibly. An automatic start mechanism allows unstacking of up to 2.000 containers per hour as well as stacking with up to 1.000 containers hourly.

3. Container cleaning systems / dryer
The modular container washing systems are an energy-efficient and space-saving solution for all cleaning processes, which can be expanded as demand increases. It was specially developed for the meat industry according to the principles of hygienic design. It can be washed and dried in one or two lane operation up to 4.000 E1 or E2 containers. Thanks to a clear separation of the individual washing zones, the chemical consumption was kept low.

4. Empty container storage
Up to 7,40 m high containers can be stacked in the Reich Crate warehouse. The modular design allows an individual capacity adjustment. The empty box warehouse is designed for a small space requirement with maximum space utilization and allows automatic storage and retrieval processes of up to 2.000 containers per hour.

5. picking
Thanks to the modular design, each picking solution can be flexibly adapted to changing needs and is thus prepared for future tasks.

6. Conveyor 2.0
Hygienic, easy to install, easy to maintain - these are the main features of Reich's new conveyor technology components. The highly efficient modular system ensures fast, flexible transport of empty and full containers to the highest hygiene standards. The conveyor technology components offered by Reich include straight elements, curve elements, 3D points, sluice switches, vertical conveyors - all of which can be combined with one another and adapted to requirements and simply varied

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