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Updated on: 05.04.2024
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Lumbeck & Wolter - Quality, continuous service and continuous development have set us apart for almost 100 years.

Our Comprehensive technical knowledge ensures our performance and our competitive edge markrt. Because we are large enough to efficiently and inexpensive to produce - small enough to be flexible and individually.

With our modern machinery and equipment and consistent quality management we guarantee optimal workflow.

Through a strong stock availability of standard products short delivery time is made possible.

Highest quality and functionality of our products is our main focus.
Likewise, the development and the progress is a topic that promises to us and our customers since 1920 largest performance. A certified quality management system (ISO 9001: 2015) And Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) Helps us to ensure the highest possible process safety.

Besides our standard products, we also manufacture special solutions according to customer requirements.

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