Best quality of films, thermoformed packaging and sausage casings as well as casings directly from the manufacturer or dealer buy cheap. Sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging for meat and food industry producers.

Kalle GmbH

_ Kalle is one of the world's leading producers of artificial casings with headquarters in Wiesbaden. Good 1500 16 employees produce at locations in Germany and abroad fibrous casings, plastic bags, textile skins and networks.

SPM * Sun Products Vertriebs GmbH

_ Exclusive Germany Distribution SUN PRODUCTS, such as SUN SPICE Gewürzdärme and - flat movies, SUN SMOKE smoke impregnated Hochbarrierdärme and SUN FLAVOR GOURMET, the only spice ruched intestine.

Walsroder Casings GmbH

_ The Walsroder Casings GmbH manufactures under the trademark "Walsroder" for over 80 years quality sausage casings for the meat industry and the traditional butcher's trade ...

Ilpra Germany GmbH

_ Ilpra is a manufacturer of packaging machines. The various machines Ilpra produces and sells are Thermoform machines, Trayseal machines and Fill-Seal systems. There is a packaging solution for every question and application ......

OSKUtex GmbH

_ OSKUtex is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of textile covers made of cotton and viscose worldwide. OSKUtex produces at three locations in Germany with its headquarters in Georgsmarienhütte near Osnabrück ...

Schinner GmbH

_ Our company offers a comprehensive range of sheep, pigs, cattle and Pferdedärmen in all qualities and calibers. We supply salted, ready to fill, hard-or softtubed in E2 crates, barrels, buckets, bags or boxes according to your needs. Visit our webside!

Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG

_ Ehlert is the wholesale distribution of butcher supplies and food production needs.
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