Sausage casings such as sheep chops, ringworm or fat intestine / rectum for filling salami / sausage, liver sausage or sausage buy here directly from manufacturers and suppliers cheap online.

SPM * Sun Products Vertriebs GmbH

_ Exclusive German distributor of SUN PRODUCTS, such as SUN SPICE spice casings and flat films, SUN SMOKE smoke-impregnated high-barrier casings and SUN FLAVOR GOURMET, the shirred spice casing.

Schinner GmbH

_ Our company offers a comprehensive range of sheep, pigs, cattle and Pferdedärmen in all qualities and calibers. We supply salted, ready to fill, hard-or softtubed in E2 crates, barrels, buckets, bags or boxes according to your needs. Visit our webside!

Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG

_ Ehlert is the wholesale distribution of butcher supplies and food production needs.

Jürging GmbH

_ Founded in the year 1923 the Westphalian Gütersloh is Jürging for over 80 years specialist in natural casings.

Rudolf Fehrmann GmbH & Co. KG

_ The name Fehr man stands since 75 years of expertise and partnership in meat processing. We are a third generation guided in the wholesale distribution of butcher, catering, bulk consumers, party service and bakery.
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