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HUKKI. The original.

"The gut for raw sausage"

This advertising slogan began over 75 years ago an impressive track record in the artificial gut - market. With raw sausage, air-dried and mold-ripened salami then all began. Today you can find anywhere in the world successful premium products in HUKKI - intestines. The standard range is constantly being expanded and currently offers a variety of attractive Kunstdärme- with and without power. Custom sausage casings, countless network variants, mesh sizes, colors and designs are also available. New solutions and ideas for cooking ham and air-dried ham, Iberico Lomo specialties such, coppa, pancetta, prosciutto crudo, Jamón, Cecina or bresaola are the latest innovations in HUKKI - range. For all these delicacies, there is an interesting variation in HUKKI. Just ask us.   

HUKKI - intestines are used for almost all sausages and ham.

The large caliber range of 40 - 200 covers many products. HUKKI offers the advantages of aging in collagen casing, the combination of textile fabric skeleton and thin collagen film ensures an extraordinary Füllfestigkeit, high elasticity and stability caliber. To comply with the requirements of sound and efficient processing in the production of sausages in sausage casings for Slicer applications the functionality is clearly in the foreground. Different, fine-grained liability variants and Easy Peel - impregnations provide more safety in the ripening of raw sausage and Brühdauerwürsten all types and allow for easy handling when slicing. For larger production volume the use of specially developed Pellmaschinen that with reduced staff costs remove the intestines, fully automatic and hygienic is recommended.  

"Feast for the eyes"

An artificial gut of HUKKI underscores the uniqueness of your sausage. The industrial nature of Bedienungsware stands at HUKKI in the foreground, an attractive presentation is to gain an important prerequisite to customers for themselves. The optics is crucial for sales success and is recognized as the first by the customer. The first impression is often decisive and provides for impulse buying. It does not matter whether the sausage is purchased at the service counter or at the self-service shelves.

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