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The range

fiber skins: Cases of regenerated cellulose fiber and paper, water and smoke permeable. Nalo is the leading brand for cut resistant raw sausage and smoked ham, available in many different shades between emulsion adhesion and peelability. For this, the internally coated fiber skin Nalo Top as a reference case for artisanal boiled and cooked sausage.

Plastic sleeves: Single and multilayer casings of polyamide and polyethylene, in multiple types, calibers and colors. Many specialties in terms of elasticity, emulsion adhesion, barrier or permeability. Printing and packing make the artificial gut an individual branded product.

transfer Casesto the meat product during the cooking or ripening process increase carryover of color, smoke flavor and spices from the intestine productivity. Through different support materials such as fiber skin, plastic and fabric of the intestine is adapted to the respective requirements.

textile skins: Traditional optics is combined with modern functionality. From the salami until the sausage can increase the buying power of consumers all imaginable colors, prints and shapes.

Netzdärme: Except colors and flavors can also be structures on the surface of the meat conjure. Characteristic patterns of cooked sausage and cooked ham whet the appetite.

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