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Nubassa Gewürzwerk GmbH

_ The Nubassa product range covers all necessary spice blends for the meat industry and additives as well as a wide selection of flavors, seasonings and additives for the food processing industry.

AVO Werke GmbH

_ AVO offers full range of spices, spice blends, marinades, condiments and additives.

Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG

_ Ehlert is the wholesale distribution of butcher supplies and food production needs.

SPM * Sun Products Vertriebs GmbH

_ Exclusive Germany Distribution SUN PRODUCTS, such as SUN SPICE Gewürzdärme and - flat movies, SUN SMOKE smoke impregnated Hochbarrierdärme and SUN FLAVOR GOURMET, the only spice ruched intestine.

OSKUtex GmbH

_ Oskutex - an association of Texda Textildarm GmbH and Oskuda Art intestinal GmbH. Textile and synthetic casings for raw sausage, cooked sausage and cooked sausage. Cases with functions to transfer as Proteins, color, smoke. Oskutex is a subsidiary of Kalle Group


_ For almost 70 years represents VAN HEES manufactures high quality, quality additives, spices, spice mixtures, convenience foods and flavors for meat processing and refining, which are equally used and appreciated in the craft and industry ...

Cassel meat GmbH

_ Fleischereibedarf wholesale, catering equipment, food retail facilities, cheese departments, fish departments, we set up a direct marketer, a, all just for the meat cutting and sausage making, EU directives counseling, we have everything. For the slaughter house and for the hunter
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