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Euro Carne - 27. International Trade Fair of the meat production chain

The international meat industry invites you to the industry meeting in Verona (Italy). A traditional event, the 27. Time will take place.

From the livestock on slaughter up to the sales counter. Welcome to the most comprehensive industry event!

An intensive promotional activities and results-oriented initiatives for exhibitors and industry professionals are the prerequisite for the Mass meeting in Verona the ideal stage is for motivated and qualilfizierte makers in sales, with which innovative, performance-based projects can be developed.

Who is looking for new product and solutions, is a full range of goods find (for industrial but also craft shops):

  • Brokerage, import and export companies
  • Plants and equipment for slaughtering, cutting and processing of meat, but also small machines and accessories
  • Systems and equipment for the preservation and refrigeration of meat
  • Additives, ingredients and materials for meat processing
  • Equipment and materials for hygiene and environmental safety
  • Equipment and facilities for working spaces and Distributors
  • Small machinery for outlets
  • Systems and equipment for internal logistics and storage
  • Weighing systems for industry
  • Machinery, accessories and additional equipment
  • Technologies and materials for dosage and packaging
  • Fresh and frozen meat products
  • Services

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