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State College for Meat Technology

Meat technician training for production management. 31 Apprenticeships are offered annually in Kulmbach. Both the theoretical and practical training in Kulmbach is very much focused on the processes. This is demanded by the meat industry. Thus the starting chances are better than of technical schools that offer the butcher technicians as only as specialization for a process-related training in Kulmbach.

The focus of our training is focused on the product and production management. This results in following the successful completion of the training not only nationally the most diverse uses. The majority of our graduates are employed directly in the meat industry, both in central Group functions as well as in line functions. Here, the classic field of a graduate is not necessarily the quality of management. The trend is clearly towards product development and product management. When equally qualified, we meet our graduates after appropriate training even more often in line functions. In addition to the meat industry, there are other areas of application, eg in the supplier sector. Of the spice industry, the arts industry intestine to mechanical engineering through to construction - everywhere you will encounter successful Kulmbacher meat technician.

State Technical College for Food Processing Technology

Today, food is predominantly produced by automated and rationalized medium-sized and large companies that can offer our food under conditions that the large trading companies and ultimately consumers demand in terms of price and quality.

This trend calls for personnel who are familiar with industrial manufacturing process, on the other side but also knowledge of the raw materials and has the product's specific features.

The food processing technicians complies with these requirements in an ideal way. On the one hand, he gained extensive practical experience in dealing with food during his teaching and journeyman, on the other hand he may have recourse to a sound technical school training in terms of large-scale production of food. Moreover, he got through his studies qualifying insights into business, food legislation and work organizational aspects of the food industry and is therefore qualified for leadership roles in the lower to middle management.

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