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...Is help for self-help.
The boss / manager or executives in the position to achieve their own goals. For example, by moving priorities: what do I want? Where do I want him?
Analysis of their preferred behavior by the TeamManagementSystems (TMS)
Improve the external / external appearance; Improve leadership quality: delegate employees effectively during full daytime work

Quality Management System

• to achieve EU approval with a QM system specially designed for the customer.
• Prepare already approved companies for IFS or ISO 9000-9004 certification.
• Provide software solutions to improve quality-relevant self-checks.
All process descriptions, procedural instructions, work instructions and form sheets have to be coordinated with the operation in such a way that, on the one hand, the documentation effort is in an optimal ratio to the quality management and to the 2. The quality management system can also be lived.


Advice and training Is the stated goal of Huber Consult.
The developed training concept for meat processing companies covers all aspects related to production, quality management, sales and business management. The topics of the training program: communication management; Quality assurance; Product presentation; Operation management process control and resource optimization;
Qualified training for all programs from the Microsoft Office family
Word, Excel, Access, Outlook or PowerPoint: We show the customer how to use these applications professionally, improve your workflow and make your workday easier.

General advice

recipe optimization
• standardization of processing raw materials and manufacturing processes; Preferred use of the raw materials with the best price performance index
• Optimizing the production chain: meat material, spices, additives, casings and packaging, always with a view to complying with the law.

Product Development
On request, we can support the product development in case of difficult product requirements.
Calculation of costs
On the basis of the results obtained, the sales prices for the precious parts are calculated using reference prices; Creation of computer full cost calculations in the sausage area, fresh meat area and complete slaughtering process over surcharge calculations.
REFA process optimization
 Analyzing the workflows, recording and documenting distribution times and workflow problems. Determination of existing capacities and deficits by means of multimoment studies and time records according to REFA. Improve workplace ergonomy for more rational work; Assessment of the workload for the employee. Setting of setpoints for individual work steps up to complete production for cost estimation and production planning.
Business advice
Analyzing and improving the cost situation; Through the  Check meat industry will We analyze the business situation and significant processes of the so-called hard and soft factors. We are approved KfW consultants for the areas of round-table advice under turn-around advice.

software solutions

Examples: Cutting calculations, sausage calculations; Recipe optimization and recipe management; including determination of material requirements; Invoicing; Inventory management; Party service planning. All software solutions are created with Microsoft Excel and / or Microsoft Access. We can adjust the configuration to the customer's existing program versions.

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