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Updated on: 03.11.2022
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With a long history in the meat and poultry industry, TIPPER TIE is also active in baked goods, fruits and vegetables, nuts, food ingredients and animal feed. In addition to the food industry, the company is also a reliable partner for manufacturers of packaged explosives, adhesives, sealants and other industrial products.

complete solutions
• Packaging equipment: complete range of clippers, net clippers, poultry bag clippers
• Automation solutions: suspension systems, heat sealing and clip systems
• Consumables: high-quality clips, high-strength loops, cutting sets and knives
• Process technology plants: ultra-fine grinders


Reliable partner
TIPPER TIE delivers turnkey systems from a single source - from specification to installation. Product professionals work closely with customers to understand their processes and specific needs. This ensures that the equipment recommendations make every business sense. When discussing with customers, cost saving opportunities are identified, as long as the processes of TIPPER TIE systems can be influenced.


TIPPER TIE is part of the FoodTech division of JBT Corporation (NYSE: JBT).

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