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RUDOLF SCHAD - partner for trade and industry. We have been a permanent, international partner for trade and industry in the meat sector for over 55 years.

As machine manufacturer and trading company, we offer solutions in the field:

Schlaufenknotmaschinen the new series E85-2 VA: For suspending pieces of meat with a number of special options. Direct hanging on smoke skewers with various smoke-deck systems is possible.

Wurster manual sausage chain separator separates sausage chains easily and efficiently so that these pairwise hang on the smoke stick. Sausages with collagen and natural intestines such as Frankfurter, Wiener, Bratwurst, Bierbeisser, .., can be easily separated. Ideal for the craft or industry.

Network / Darmeinziehgeräte Series RSM for easy filling in elastic nets or intestines are also available in different designs. Ideal for ham, roll roast, upper / lower shell, salmon ham, roulades, ... Optionally, we offer you the possibility of filling elastic nets with foil with the foil attachment. Of course, we also have the right nets for your products.                  

New AC adapter / Darmeinziehgerät RSM-mini is a desktop model and designed specifically for the craft. It impresses with easy handling.

Meat binding machines for tying your Products.  Your products look like they are hand-bound and can be optimally portioned. Stuffed roasts, ham, poultry, fish, roulades, vegetables, ... can be processed without any problems. You have the option of 1,2,3,4-fold strapping and cross-ties to your products. They are available as a table or stand model.         

Knife grinding machines as wet or dry grinding variant are at your service. The Naßschliffsystem protects the blades before burnout and have a longer service life. The pure Naßschliffmodelle can be used even in the production. You will find the right machine for restaurant, self-service, shops, butchers or industry.

Bacon slicer SPECKFIX for parts of boneless products such as belly, bacon pieces into quarters, .. or halves. The SPECKFIX convinces with its clean cutting performance, easy handling and compact design.

Fleischer band saws are NEW in our product range. A large selection of table and stand models in various sizes are available to you. They are another addition to the German market and offer the customer another choice. Thanks to their robust construction, they meet the requirements and comply with the provisions of the hygiene and machine building guidelines. The quality, price / performance ratio is high and ideal for all work for sawing meat, bones, fish and poultry, ...

Sausage yarns, yarns Clipper, Maschinenbindfäden and Sonderbindfäden are also part of the program. Various materials such as PP or natural (hemp, flax) in various ligands colors to choose from.

We specialize in band saw blades, skinning / derinding blades and rib-pulling blades.     A large selection of sizes and designs is available for all well-known manufacturers. Thanks to the good price / performance ratio, we can convince you.

We are available for detailed information about disposal. You can check also at trade fairs to our stand.

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