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Updated on: 05.09.2022
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The Walsroder Casings GmbH manufactures under the trademark "Walsroder" for over 80 years quality sausage casings for the meat industry and the traditional butcher's trade. In the field of cellulose fiber skins, the company is one of only six global manufacturers and in that group leader in quality and service. Is The development of new products based world to meet market needs of the meat processing industry. The particular strength of Walsroder Casings GmbH is the customer-specific problem-solving skills.

At Walsroder Casings GmbH, high-quality products for the food industry are manufactured in a perfectly hygienic working environment. Walsroder implements the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability and pursues ambitious goals in protecting the environment from emissions, in using renewable raw materials, in avoiding waste and in recycling. The world's best-known Walsroder products are Walsroder F plus, Walsroder fiber casing, Walsroder K flex, K plus and K tech. The Walsroder functional casings come from the latest product development - more than just artificial casings.